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A Woman With A Meaty Ass

A Woman With A Meaty Ass

I met a phenomenal woman the other night, not a bar, or at a club… but on a porn site dedicated to women with round juicy butts.

This woman’s name is Nikkie Vixon and the ass on her is perfect to me.. she’s got meat on her ass! That kind of booty that is juicy and when you lay her on her back her ass seems to get bigger.

She’s a smoking hot white chick with a tattoo on her lower back, that sits right-atop her phat ass. I bounced through some of her photo shoot stills and when she is oiled up and getting fucked real good by a porn stud, it’s her ass that is the real star of the photos.

She let’s this guy lick her ass, bury his face deep in her ass… just for that tease before the real fucking begins. Why? because it’s all about her amazing booty before anything.

If you want to see Nikkie Vixon’s big booty along with over 100 other white chicks with amazing asses in photos and high definition video, you can jump on over to Round Juicy Butts.


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