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I Like Big White Asses!

I Like Big White Asses!

The title of this post is an understatement to how i truly “feel” about a white chick that is working with some “junk in da trunk”. When I come across a chick that has been blessed with a booty that can make my mouth drop, that’s just what i do.. I open my mouth wide and just think to myself “What The Fuck, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!’

I’m definitely an Ass Man. There’s a stereotype floating around that the majority of white women don’t have juicy asses, but the Booty Gods have smiled upon me because I have seen many big booty white girls walking around this wonderful World we live in… and the ones I personally know carry around the extra stuff with a sense of pride and are freaky too.

It’s my goal to post up all the hot white girls with big juicy asses that I can find, and to write a little something about why I dig each one.. These chicks will probably be porn stars because they are the easiest to get out of clothes, bahahaha! If the average girl walking on the street were to be open to showing their ass to me, that would be a true heaven-on-Earth situation! :)

Alright… I”m done with this post, it’s time to go find some perfect ass to showcase on this blog.


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